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There are over 14 years of experience in Wifi projects. is a business unit of 5F Soluções em TI
a Value Added Reseller specializing in IP networks and solution integration.
For years we are doing business as a local support  provider for US and Europe companies.
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Site Survey

It optimizes investments in Wifi networks through professional tools and a project of coverage adapted to the needs of the business operation.


With the growth and importance of Wifi networks for business it is important that everything is working fine. If you have a problem, please contact us. We can help you.

Spectrum Analysis

If the performance of your wifi network is below the expected, it may be an interference problem in the transmission spectrum cause by another source. Though the use of professional tool our staff can help to identify this kind of problem.


Explain your need and let our experts develop the best project for your business.

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Predictive Site Survey

Predictive Site Survey is a great option to save time and investment as it is done theoretically through the Tool. Imagine wanting to scale the amount of equipment for a new Wifi network from a location that is not ready yet but you already own the plant. Define the coverage area and provide an estimate for your project.

Simulation can be done by defining building parameters such as walls, windows, doors and simulate signal propagation with various types of equipment and antennas.

- Ideal for estimating costs with equipment for new locations
- Enables greater precision for the correct Bill Of Material
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Predictive Wifi Site Survey

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Active Site Survey

The best choice for post-installation validation of WiFi network


Connected to the wifi network will be made the measurement and the area of coverage of the signal and various indicators such as:
- Noise
- Packet loss
- Relay
- Actual speed rating
- Roaming
And besides all this information it is possible to do a Throughput test


We measure and deliver to the plant the interference source not from non-802.11 devices that operate at the same frequency as Microwave, radios, cordless phones, etc.

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Active Site Survey

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Passive Site Survey

The passive survey site is performed by measuring all the signals from the location where the Wifi network will be installed. In this mode the analysis tools are not connected to the customer's Wifi network. This form of Site Survey is indicated when it is not possible to connect to the production Wifi network.


Anomalies caused by configuration errors can be identified


As with Active Site Survey it is possible to measure the signal, noise, SNR but without actual velocity measurement (Theoretical Only)


We measure and deliver to the plant the interference source not from non-802.11 devices that operate at the same frequency as Microwave, radios, cordless phones, etc.

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Passive Site Survey

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Through the use of modern professional and specialized tools for the function. Your design is accurately sized. The installation locations and area are defined.

Detail Report

The report is generated by the tool in English and We can present it Though a Webex Meeting

Professional Tools

The design is elaborated using professional tools specific to this function and by Experienced professionals in wifi environments.
Our services count on a complete kit of equipment for the execution of the services.

Time saving

You are moving or planning to expand the operation to other locations. You do not have to wait until the construction of the new location or the availability of the physical environment. Just the plan and the desired area of coverage and out staff can theoretically dimension your project and this reduces the risk of errors of budget forecasting.

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